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bumplite is a unique, cost-effective, subscription-based PR service for those with limited budgets, but plenty to shout about. We apply all the same pro-active disciplines as bumppr – our fully integrated service –
the only difference is we focus purely on the basics.

But don’t think you’ll get short-changed with bumplite.

Everything we deliver will be efficiently tailored to achieve maximum coverage in a flexible and affordable way. Which is why bumplite is perfect for entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses. This media outreach, press office and reactive support service is ideal for those who cannot afford a full-time PR agency, but really want one.

For a 4, 8 or 12-month subscription, you get full use of our dynamic team’s rigour, expertise and to-die-for contacts. We will champion your campaign, create engaging content, exploit opportunities and cultivate strong, two-way relationships with the media and influencers.

As a bumplite client we guarantee:

Daily monitoring of media opportunities
Prompt and professional response to media enquiries
Regular product or service placement and reviews
Strategic brand awareness

But the devil is always in the detail. What will you actually get?

Based on a 4-month subscription, we will create and deliver the following:

  • 1 giant consumer story
  • 1 compelling trade story (client to advise story focus and provide information, for example a re-brand, an award win, a new stockist, new appointments, etc.)
  • 3 fabulous blog reviews and additional interaction from the bump team
  • Reactive pitches including celebrity endorsements
  • Tenacious social media support from the bump team including sharing your product or service on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook
  • Suitable case study opportunities when available

For 8 and 12-month subscriptions, you will enjoy additional focus, support and cost savings.

Call us. You won’t believe how accommodating we are.

Please email us for costs.

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