Bumps Best “Girls Night In” Films

Sometimes popping your feet up with a glass of wine or a hot chocolate, a good film and your best gal pals can’t be beaten. In the bump office films and TV Box Sets are always a topic of conversation! So, we have complied a list of some of our must watch films. So whether you are in the mood for a tear jerker or a belly laughing film, there’s something in the mix for you.

The Notebook

Set in the 1940’s this film tells the love story between poor mill worker Noah Calhoun and rich girl Allie – but her parents don’t approve. Watch how the story unfolds after going their separate ways for two years, after one war and a marriage.

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This 90’s classic is top of everyone’s most watched list. Socially successful high-schooler Cher likes to see herself as a bit of a match-maker. So when newbie Tai shows up she decides to give her a makeover, when Tai becomes more popular than Cher, she begins to see herself in a new light.

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10 things I hate about you

Kat Startford is smart, beautiful and harsh to her fellow class mates –  she scares most boys off. But when Patrick Verona turns up she finds it hard not to fall for the charming Australian.

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Friends with Benefits

Jamie, a New-York executive recruiter entices Dylan, an LA art director to take a job at GQ magazine. The two fast become friends, they decide they are ready to quit the world of romance and watch as their friendship spirals.

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Crazy, Stupid Love

When Cal Weaver finds himself single at 40 he is left intimidated by the world of dating. Along comes Jacob, a well put together player who teaches Cal the dos and the don’ts of the dating world.

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One you have probably watched a 100 times already but you still manage to laugh at every scene!

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Dirty Dancing

When Baby heads off to a slow summer resort she is recruited as the dance instructor, Johnny’s dancing partner. When the two of them fall in love Baby’s father forbids them to see each other but she’s determined to perform the last dance of the summer.

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Pretty Woman

Another classic! When a prostitute and a wealthy business man begin to fall for each other, this unlikely pairing discover the significant hurdles that need to be overcome.


Legally Blonde

Elle Woods has it all in one convenient package. But there’s one thing from stopping her dream man from proposing, she’s ‘too blonde’. So after getting herself into Harvard to study law she’s determined to get him back.

legally blonde gif

Mean Girls

On Wednesdays we wear pink… need I say any more?

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The Devil Wears Prada

When Andy finds herself landing her first job at the prestigious Runway magazine she questions her ability to survive as assistant to editor, Miranda Priestly.


Love Actually

This film needs no introduction, let just say it’s one we all wait in anticipation to come out at Christmas time!


Notting Hill

When American Actress Anna Scott finds herself searching the shelves of a Notting Hill bookstore she stumbles across owner, William Thacker. After one spilt orange juice and a quick kiss, a full-blown love affair is born.

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My Best Friend’s Wedding

As a safety marriage date promise is lurking in the horizon, one of them announces their engagement, only for the other to realise they’re secretly in love with the other. Vowing to stop the wedding at all costs, it’s made that much harder when she is made Maid of Honour.

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This timeless classic needs no introduction. Expect to experience friendships, romance and adventures amongst high school kids in the 1950’s.

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50 First Dates

When Henry met Lucy he knew he had to sweep her off her feet, the only problem being her short term memory loss means she cannot remember the last 24hours. So every day, Henry has to woo her again and convince her family he’s in it for love.

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When Juno becomes pregnant at 16 she decides a failed rock star and his wife are the best suiters for adoptive parents. But when the soon-to-be father begins to see Juno in a different light everything is thrown up in the air.

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About Time

When time-travelling Tim Lake uses his powers to improve his life by getting a girlfriend he thinks everything will be perfect. But, as his unique life progresses he finds that his abilities can’t protect him from everyday life and the problems that occur for the ones he loves.

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Which is your favourite? Join our debate in the bump office! Lucy x

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