Bumps Disney Classics

Like every other child the whole of the bump office can confirm that a happy part of their youth was spent sat in front of the TV watching their favourite Disney film on repeat. We thought it may be a fun little idea to re-live our childhood and tell you all about our favourite Disney films growing up.


Choosing just one Disney film is near impossible for me, I love so many of them! I think if I had to pick, my favourite of all time is probably The Lion King, it has the best songs!


My favourite Disney film is Lizzie McGuire The Movie haha! I envy Lizzie when she gets whisked off her feet in Rome by Paolo the popstar… wish that was me!


The Little Mermaid for sure! Can’t beat this one or the soundtrack!


My favourite Disney film is definitely Beauty and the Beast – I think I must have watched it over 100 times.


Like Chloe I think one of my all-time favourites has to be Beauty and the Beast, you can imagine my excitement when they remade it recently! But a very close second has to be 101 Dalmatians, as an avid dog lover I’m not joking when I say every time after watching that film I would beg my parents for a Dalmatian puppy (it never worked).

What’s your favourite Disney film? With all of this talk we feel another bump movie night approaching!


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