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Everyone’s family spends their Easter weekend doing something different (apart from the compulsory indulgence in chocolate eggs), so we thought we would pop a little blog post up about our Easter traditions. In the office we have our own spin on Secret Santa, appropriately named ‘Easter Bunny’ where we all received lovely gifts! But here is a little more on how we all spend the long weekend with our loved ones.


I love Easter as it means the start of Spring and longer, brighter evenings – yay! Easter traditions for me include a Sunday roast dinner with all the family, an Easter Egg Hunt and lots of chocolate! Can’t wait!


I guess my Easter traditions evolve around chocolate! I loved doing Easter egg hunts when I was little, my mum always came up with the best hiding places! Even though I’m definitely an adult now (and probably should have outgrown it), I still do an Easter egg hunt with my boyfriend every year, it’s the best bit about the day!


My Easter traditions are usually spending time with my family down in Dorset, cooking a lamb roast dinner with my Mum and finishing off the day by eating a yummy Easter egg! This year I’m breaking my tradition up a little by going for a prosecco fuelled brunch with friends!


When I was younger my Easter weekend would consist of long walks with my parents, but now I’m older I manage to get myself out of them! Typically you’ll find me relaxing watching a good film while picking at my Easter egg and awaiting for the best part of the day… the roast!


Luckily for Chloe she has the week off skiing down the French Alps! But I think it’s safe to say her traditions include a skiing holiday indulging in cheese, red wine and most importantly, chocolate!


I love Easter and stuffing my face with chocolate, but now I’m all grown up with two children of my own,  Easter is much about old family traditions as it is about making new ones for Toby and Otto!  My Dad has always done an easter egg hunt in the garden at our family home in Norfolk, and now he does it for his 5 Grandchildren instead, trying to make the clues as difficult as possible to really keep everyone guessing.  Though Toby and Otto aren’t quite old enough to get the clues yet, things can get pretty heated with the adults of the family darting around like headless chickens!  We have to be careful where they’re hidden now, as it’s not unheard of to find shredded foil where an egg should have been and a rather happy but sheepish looking dog nearby!

What are your traditions?

Team bump x



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