Bump’s New Year Resolutions

For a lot of people a new year means fresh beginnings and a clean slate, a time to set new goals and think about what they want to achieve over the next year. We thought we would share with you the New Year’s Resolutions team bump have set themselves!

Lucy –

My biggest resolution for 2018 is to get out and explore more before the dreaded fourth and final year of university starts. I’ve been saving up my pennies with the hope of planning a trip to Bali and California were I plan on spending my summer and getting a little job (fingers crossed anyway!). I love visiting new countries and this summer seems like the perfect opportunity to do so. I also want to cut meat from my diet – it takes 21 days to break a habit of a lifetime so I’m half way there!

Katie –

In 2018, I want to expand on my creative hobbies and learn more about photography. It is something I’ve enjoyed for ages but haven’t really put the time aside to really explore yet. I might look into doing an evening course! I also want to make more time to visit art galleries. I’d love for 2018 to be a year full of fun and creativity!

Chloe –

  • Saying no – last year was manic and I felt I rarely had down time, so this year I am slowing down the social calendar in favour of more ‘me’ weekends
  • Cutting down on caffeine – 4 coffees, 8 teas and 2 diet cokes a day is not good!
  • Obviously going to the gym more and loosing weight…
  • Not really a resolution, more of a goal, but I would like to be living in a new home in Suffolk by the end of the year!


Emily –

This year I have decided not to make my New Year’s Resolution to diet… I think I can safely say, I have tried my fair share of diets – the quick fixes, the detoxes, points, syns, shakes; you name it I’ve tried it.

I’m going to try and follow a healthy diet this year, but make it a lifestyle change and not a short term fix! I’d also like to read more! I have an entire library of books, waiting to be read!

Hetty –

One of my main resolutions this year is to spend more time with the people that are important to me, I feel like over the past few years, I have just focused on pleasing people that haven’t been there for me in return. I would also like to start thinking before I speak (please don’t quote me on this one!) and I am hoping to pass my driving test to be able to go wherever I want, whenever I want!

Well, these are our resolutions… what are yours?!

Team Bump x

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