Bumps Summer Time Treats

The warm weather has been making all of us in the office extremely excited for the summer months, but of course this does mean that there has been a few cheat days going when it comes to our diets. We thought we’d share a few guilty secrets when it comes to sweet treats (healthy and naughty of course!).

Our biggest downfall in the office is ice-cream, not helped by the fact that the office is directly above an independent gelato shop offering every ice-cream you could imagine and one of our clients, delicious British ice-cream brand Jude’s. Jude’s is a British ice-cream brand who churn their ice-cream by hand and come in irresistible flavours, their one-person tubs are all too convenient and they even do ice-lollies for little ones that are only 30 calories, so perfect if you’re on a diet! They even do flavoured milk which is perfect to drink chilled on a warm day. If you can’t find Judes in your local supermarket we’ll let you into a little secret, Twisters are only 76 cals, so your body won’t even realise you’ve treated yourself!


The bump office are not shy to share our love of pick n mix but we would also like to highlight we do love some fresh fruit to keep us going throughout the day – just to make us sound a little bit healthier! But we’re not a fussy bunch so you name, we’ll eat it!

What are your favourite summer time treats?

Lucy x



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