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This week is Chloe and Lisa’s #BlogTakeover they will be talking all things festivals.

September was a month for firsts for Chloe and Toby. Chloe went camping for the first time to attend Bestival and Toby went to his first ever festival ‘In the Woods’. Undoubtedly two very different experiences, we thought it would be fun to share their experiences with all of our bumpers so they know the dos and don’ts of festivals!



What Festival did you go to?

Chloe: Bestival

Toby: In the Woods

Where was it?

Chloe: Isle of Wight

Toby: A Secret Woodland Location in Kent

How many nights did you camp?

Chloe: 4

Toby: 2

 What was the theme of the festival?

Chloe: ‘The Future’

Toby:  Loads of cool woodland stuff.


What was the best act you saw?

Chloe: For me, it was definitely the Cure.

Toby: I couldn’t hear much as mummy and daddy put some strange ear muffs on me for the weekend, but I’m informed The Strong Asian Mothers were good.

What was your favourite outfit you wore?

Chloe: Probably my attempt at the Future theme. I wore a silver metallic dress, pink wig and silver Bestival hat. However I soon realised it was far too cold to wear just this, so went to a charity shop at the festival and found an amazing big black furry cardigan from Topshop for £10, which completed the outfit perfectly!

Toby:  My favourite outfit when it’s that rainy is my all in one puddle suit.  That was the first weekend I had ever worn proper shoes too so that was pretty exciting!

Did you have a celebrity spot – if so tell us a bit about it?


Chloe: Yes, I was very star struck when I saw Sam Smith, not once but twice! On the Sunday night, my friends and I were so tired so decided to leave the main stage and found ourselves in this tiny tent called the ‘Wedding Disco’, which was playing 80’s classics including Bowie and Prince – just what we needed! Dancing away, we turned around and there was Sam Smith with his friends. He then asked my friend to take a photo of him and his friends. It was amazing as he wasn’t even being bothered too much and he’s an Oscar winner! I was desperate to ask for a selfie, but I just didn’t dare. Then on the Monday, we were on the ferry back to Southampton and we went to the top deck for some fresh air and there is was again. Clearly my cue to swallow my pride and ask for a selfie, but I just couldn’t…

Toby:  Hmm there weren’t any celebrities there I don’t think.  I was on the lookout for Mr Tumble and Mr Bloom but no luck there.

What do you love about festivals?

Chloe: I love the atmosphere. There is so much to see and do and everyone is so excited, it creates a great vibe. Bestival was amazing, not just because of the good line up, but all the good things to do and see. They have something called the Ambient Forest, where visitors can follow the winding path through and there’s lots of discover. Hidden parties, laser beams, hammocks, bars, a maze, musical instruments and so much more. Also, on the Sunday, we went to a hot tub place, where you sit outside in a lovely hot tub and served prosecco whenever you need – this was a nice touch!

Toby: I loved how many other children were there given it was a grown up festival.  Everyone was really friendly!

  • Anything you didn’t like?

Chloe: The toilets and the feeling of dirtiness. I like my home comforts and by day two, I was really craving some healthy food, a hot bath and my bed!

Toby: Having a bath in a washing up bowl in water warmed on a camp stove.  It was too cold to be bathing al fresco!

  • We know festivals are renowned fortheir delicious food, what was the best meal you had?

Chloe: Well amongst the burgers, chips, pasta and pizza … It was probably on day 3 where I was really craving something healthy. I had this amazing chicken and halloumi salad with pomegranate, butternut squash and much more – just what I needed!

Toby: I had some amazing food, I got to try lamb tagine, beef chilli, pulled pork and mummy and daddy even let me try some delicious pancakes






Would you go back next year?


Chloe: Yes, but I will never be camping again. I would go, but it’s glamping for me next year. With hot showers, a comfy bed, somewhere to hang my clothes,

electricity and ideally a dressing table!

So, that’s Chloe and Toby’s first festival experiences. Have you ever been to a festival? What do you think is the best family festival? We would love to hear your thoughts!


Toby: Hmmm, maybe. I had a great time but mummy and daddy said we might be going to a children’s festival next year!

  • What key item would you recommend to 1st time Campers, like you were?

Chloe: We took lots of unnecessary items like a gazebo and blow up sofa we didn’t even use! I would say warm clothes. It gets so cold during the night!

Toby:  Daddy is a camping pro so we had everything we needed!  Best item was the cool box to keep my milk (plus some beer and prosecco!) cold all weekend!




Team bump x








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