Hello Hetty

November has been an exciting month at the Bump HQ with a new member joining the team – we thought what better way for you all to get to know her than a little interview…

Hello Hetty…

Lunch is a big topic in the office, as you have probably already gathered! What was your favourite lunch in week one?

Chilli B’s, where I got a grilled ciabatta called ‘Bacon Bad’!

So far, what are your favourite products you have been working on?

I am a big fan of the Infantino Tepee – if only they made adult ones for me to chill out in… And could Gertie the Goose be any cuter?!

What’s your favourite thing to snack on throughout the day

I love grapes if I’m being healthy, but a cookie from a bakery never fails

There’s always something playing in the background in the office. What has been your favourite thing to listen to on the SONOS?

My favourite to listen to is a bit of Beyoncé!

Each Bump member has an animal in their signature. What is your chosen animal going to be

A Lion, because it represents my star sign!

In your first week at Bump you went on a business trip to Cornwall, what was the best part of the trip

Meeting Frugi, one of our clients to talk about 2018 plans. (And having dinner at Rick Steins, yum!)

Finally, what was the highlight of your first week here at Bump?

Learning about my clients, finding out there were office dogs and getting to know my new colleagues on a 6 hour train journey to Cornwall!


Well, there you go! Hetty looks forward to meeting/speaking to you all!


Team Bump x

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