Hello Megan!

All the way back in January, a new member joined the Bump PR team, and we’ve had such a busy few months we haven’t had chance to introduce her to you! So, we thought what better way for you all to get to know her than a little interview…

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Megan graduated in September 2018 – this is not her normal office attire!


Hello Megan…

Lunch is a big topic in the office, as you have probably already gathered! What’s been your favourite lunch so far?

I know everyone says it, but we had Chilli B’s in my first week as a treat because Emily was (sadly) leaving, so I had ‘Feastful of Dollars’ – chicken, bacon, cheesy goodness! A burrito from Cantina Carnitas has to come a close second though!

So far, what are your favourite products you have been working on?

I am loving working with Medela, especially as we had two of their biggest events of the year in my first couple of months! I also really love helping everyone out with their different clients while I settle in!

What’s your favourite thing to snack on throughout the day?

Quinoa. No I’m joking, I love popcorn and chocolate rice cakes and fruit!

There’s always something playing in the background in the office. What has been your favourite thing to listen to on the SONOS?

(Don’t tell anyone but when I am first in the office in the morning I blare Taylor Swift really loudly then turn it off when I hear the front door open haha!)

Each Bump member has an animal in their email signature. What is your chosen animal going to be?

I was given an elephant, which is fine with me! My tag under my name is The Duchess of Winzer due to my love for the Royal Family and also my surname being Royal!

Finally, what’s been the highlight of your time here at Bump so far?

Absolutely getting to know the lovely team, I also had a fab time working on The Big Breastfeeding Café for Medela, and I do love a post office run!

Well, there you go! Megan looks forward to meeting/speaking to you all!

Team Bump x

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