Wallie with Toby

For the love of a Fairy God Parent!

Guest post from Sarah Wallace, the brains behind Blue Bird PR  and God Mother extraordinaire…

 When Lis asked me to be Tobes fairy godmother, I was beyond excited.

 I’d known Lis for nearly 11 years and we’d been through our single fun days together, I’d seen her meet and fall in love with Jack and eventually, after the obligatory nine month wait, pop out the little Toberlone.

 So when she asked me, of course I said yes (although I Jack had his initial reservations due to my somewhat wild past. Well I say wild, this was in comparison to an ex policeman!). As this was my first godparent role, I was determined to take it as seriously as I could. At the big initiation day I pledged the following:

 love and guide him through any tough decisions he faces and support his choices   

  • bring fun and laughter and try to make life’s mundane moments a little bit more magical 
  • introduce him to the joys of only eating half a chocolate bar


And along with the other godmother, Anneke, who is a close friend, together we pledged to take him on many wonderful and wild adventures. That was back in 2016 and since then I feel like I am definitely succeeding in making life a bit more magical for Tobes where I can. (There’s time yet for the others.) When I visit him, I try and bring some fun into our time spent together, whether it’s bath time, reading, watching In the Night Garden, I also try to make him smile and giggle, mostly because he has a brilliantly throaty laugh!


Being a god parent at this age, is mostly lost of fun and treats but I know as he gets older the role will change and I hope Tobes feels like he can come to me for those ‘odd’ time she feels he can’t turn to Lis and Jack or even if he fancies one of those wild adventures I’ll be here for him.


And I think all in all that is the key to being a really good god parent, just being there for the little monkey, oh and of course, ice-cream!

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