Mr and Mrs of the office world…

By now, you know a little bit about us. You know from our Instagram, that we love cake, chocolate and anything with more than 3,000 calories, alongside copious amounts of tea. You know that we love to listen to musicals on a Friday afternoon and that we are obsessed with how cute Toby is. But we’re thinking there’s probably a few little secrets about the bump girls (and Jack) that perhaps you didn’t know?!

We’ve done a quick fire round of questions, in the hope that you will get to know us that bit better and that you won’t judge us in the slightest. Ok maybe you can a little bit…

Who is the greediest: Everyone but Emily…
Who is the messiest: Chloe or Lisa… It’s a toughy
Who makes the best tea? Chloe
Who does the most tea rounds? Chloe *See above
Who is the best at baking? Jack’s Caramel Shortbreads are yet to be beaten…(but Lucy’s Mother in Law makes a mean chocolate fudge cake!)
Who is the best at choosing the office playlist. Toughy. But Chloe’s music knowledge trumps us all!
Who is the biggest online shopper/receives the most parcels: George
Who is the chattiest? Mimi. Easy.
Who has the healthiest and most unhealthy lunches? George has the unhealthiest (never a lunch without a bag of crisps) and Emily’s green smoothies have given her the healthiest lunch title!
Who has the best telephone voice Lisa!
Most likely to scream if there’s a wasp flying around: You won’t meet a person who dislikes flies, wasps, bees, or any flying animal more than Chloe Ward. You can try. But you won’t.
Most likely of the team to be Prime Minister: Lisa, for sure! If she can run bump, she can run the country no problem!
Who spends the longest getting ready in the morning? We’re not sure officially who this is, but Chloe always looks fabulous with her make-up and hair are done to perfection…
Most likely to buy treats at lunch: Mimi! She never comes back without a treat for us all…
Who watches the most TV and film? George, she seems to have watched everything. Clearly has too much time on her hands …
Who is the sportiest? Not Lisa – who thinks this question is a joke!
Who is the next to get married? Chloe!
Who would save their handbag in a fire… Chloe, George… hmm, Lisa but as long as Toby is in it too!
Who wants to be Emma Waton – Chloe and Emily apparently… it’s the Harry Potter thing!
Well there’s a few little facts for you about us… Is there anything else you’d like to know?

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