Ta Da…

This is surely the Gok Wan of makeovers – oh we mean rebrands!

So, on top of working for our lovely clients, managing the fabulous bump team and trying to be a mum (ahem, and wife)! I decided this year was the time for a rebrand – I have thought on a daily basis I was nuts… but on I ploughed!

I created our first/current logo with a mate, while in the pub nearly 7 years ago! It was the evening I decided to rather impulsively quit my job and set up alone- which is to be fair exactly what I thought it would be… me and a few clients (I hoped)! How wrong I was, and I could not be happier to have been so wrong!

We are now a glorious and happy team of 7 (8 if we count Toby!), and I decided it was time for a change – a fresh new look! I provided what can only be described as the most hopeless of briefs to my amazing designers (Dial M Studio) I said we were a fun, down to earth, passionate team who love what we do, love the nursery world and love life! Hmmm, they must have thought!

I also threw in that we had to stay very true to the brand motto…lets face it life at the beach is pretty great! It epitomizes family time for me and so it had to revolve around the very principle bumpPR was founded on… Life should and always will be a beach at bumpPR!

Hours and hours (and some more hours) later, a lot of late night emails, proofing and picking colours – agonising over the new logo and whether I should be a penguin or a dolphin (you’ll see!) we can now reveal the all new bumpPR!

We hope you like it!


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