My Time at bumpPR by Mimi

As my placement comes to an end, I have decided to write my blog piece on my favourite parts of working at bumpPR and some memories that will stick with me forever! Gosh this is soppy. I got the girls to interview me on my fav parts of bump!

What is your favourite lunch?
I would have to say my favourite lunch has changed a lot over the year however the one thing they all have in common is sandwich shop where I get them from! Gosh I am going to miss Chili B’s! Sorry girls. So it started with a Green Smile with coleslaw then to a Starsky and Hutch and finally my lunch dreams were fulfilled with the Bacon Bad, the BEST sandwich I have ever had.
What is your funniest memory?

Well today we had a giggle when we spotted Oreo the office mascot running around the office with my half eaten cookie, but other than that it wasn’t technically in the office but was the office hen party for Chloe. Let’s just say we all have lots of funny memories of that night.

What is your favourite snack?
Ummm everyone in the office knows I love a snack whether it’s one of my brownies a cake by Chloe or some pastries bought by Lisa I love it all! I am an ultimate snacker and the girls at bump share my love for this!

Three things I’m going to miss?
As much as I would love to say the early mornings that’s not one of the things I am going to miss. However, I’ll miss the mid-day gossiping, someone would have spotted something on the Daily Mail and the next thing you know is we’re having an office debate.
I’ll miss the team spirit at bump, everyone in the office genuinely loves and supports each other which is a really nice environment to be in.
I have to include Chili B’s I know the girls are going to kill me but seriously they are THE BEST sandwiches ever! I am going to have to experiment with my griddling skills at home.

Favourite Playlist?
I’m not really too fussy about the playlist but the office did laugh when I told them my favourite song was ‘Time to Say Goodbye’ by Sara Brightman, I still don’t see why it’s funny but enjoy the sing along when it comes on!

My Favourite Time of The Year at bump?
Gosh, this is an easy one! Christmas of course, not only is Christmas the best time of year in general, bump through the best Christmas party ever. We all went to Pennyhill Spa which was such a lovely treat and sadly has set my spa standards very high. However bump love celebrating Christmas with lots of cake and sadly the worst photo of all time was taken of me! I call it “The Moment I Ate Christmas.”

But seriously I have had such a lovely year at bumpPR and have to thank everyone for helping me enjoy it and learn so much. Gosh this year has gone quickly!

Thank you,


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