Toby Takeover

Hello Toby!

Thanks for taking a moment to come and see us… You just turned the big Zero One.  How was that?
It was pretty cool!  I had a lovely day at our local Farm with Mummy and Daddy and got to ride on a tractor and feed the goats.

What’s new in your world?
I’ve finally nailed waving, clapping and high fiving.  I’m thinking I might work on pointing next?

Are you sleeping any better these days?
Hehe, don’t be silly.  As the lovely print in my room says.  “Sleep is for other babies”

You seem much more active than the last time you came in, any plans to move onto two feet any time soon?
I started walking ages ago, I just only do it when Mummy and Daddy aren’t looking.  When they are around I just stand for ages in one spot to get them excited then just fall to my knees and chuckle away to myself.

Are you taking a holiday this year?
We went to Cornwall at Easter for Daddy’s Birthday and we went to Norfolk for a week last month I spent loads of time with Grandma and Grandpa and their four new chickens.  Mummy has mentioned a holiday somewhere hot in October so I’m hoping to go on an aeroplane again!

What is your best memory so far?
This morning’s episode of Teletubbies was great.

You seem very busy, talk us through a typical day..
I like to start the day early, usually at 6:30.  I have something to eat followed by a poop and a sleep.  Always in that order.  I then play, eat and sleep, then play, eat, poop, bath and sleep.  I never like to sleep through though, there is too much exciting stuff going.  I like to get up at least 3 times per night to see what I’m missing.  Mummy and Daddy don’t seem to sleep.  Must be an adult thing.

You told us your favourite food was Avocado last time, is that still the case?
Avocado is so 2015.  My eyes have been opened to something called cake, and they come out at every birthday party.  It’s like heaven in a mouthful, you should try it.

How are Oreo and Poppy?
Very well, I’m still looking forward to walking them when I’m a little older.  They seem to love my toys, which gets them in trouble with Mummy and Daddy for some reason.  I don’t see the problem, I quite like my plastic fireman with newly added holes in it.

Any big plans for the weekend?
This weekend we are having a party for all my NCT friends to celebrate all of our first Birthdays! You know what that means… more cake!

I see you have brought your own desert spoon with you, what’s that about?
Did someone say cake?  Mummy and Daddy keep trying to get me to adopt a teddy.  They particularly love to sit me with my Jellycat fox and monkey, but to be honest I’m all about the spoon.  It’s so shiny and such a great shape.  Not so good for cuddles but I still hold it when I’m asleep.

What song do you have in your head at the moment?
Daddy keeps singing something about winding up a bobbin?  I don’t really get it but I smile at him blankly and he eventually stops.

What is your song of the week?
This week I’m all about Copacabana by Barry Manilow.  It’s so catchy!

What’s the update on the Teeth Situation?
My eighth tooth has just popped through.  Its been a tough week though.  Calpol is my best friend.

Finally, favourite thing about popping into the Bump office?
Seeing mummy of course, and the girls.  After that I love raiding the boxes and boxes of Piccolo baby food next door. They taste so good, there must be a lifetime’s supply!

Thanks Toby it’s great to have all of those important questions answered. Have a lovely weekend!

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