Toby Takeover

Toby Takeover

Hello Toby!


Thank you for taking some time from your packed schedule to have a chat with us!  What’s new in Toby’s world?

Well soon after you last interviewed me I decided to get up and walk!  Walking however was a bit too slow for my liking, so these days I’m running, jumping and climbing, sometimes where I’m not supposed to hehe!


And dare we ask about the S word?

Hehe, I thought mummy deserved a break, so I go to bed at 7pm and wake up at 7am (usually!) these days.


We won’t get rid the Toby Translator just yet, but your talking is really coming along!

Thanks!  Some of the things I come out with certainly shock Mummy and Daddy.  “Just one more” after I get a little treat is a favourite I like to use, as well as “Love you mummy” to try and pull some heartstrings!


We see you’re quite a mover as per this Video – Does your sense of Rhythm come from Mummy or Daddy?

Mummy is first on the Dancefloor at parties and weddings, where Daddy prefers to hide on the sidelines… at home is a different matter; Daddy is like a young Fred Astaire – and that’s where I get all my moves from!


You have certainly grown since we last saw you!

Daddy measures me on the wall, and I grew an inch in the last month alone!  Unfortunately, I thought everyone was allowed to draw on the wall so I added a few lines of my own with my colouring pens – oops!


Are you going on Holiday this year?

We’re going away to Cornwall again which I’m really looking forward to!  Ice Creams, Scones Pasties, and trips to the beach galore!


I hear you have an exciting project in the pipeline?

Apparently, but it doesn’t look very exciting to me!  There are some men digging up the side of our house and mummy and daddy say it’s going to be my new playroom.  It looks more like a big hole to me!


What’s your favourite thing at the moment?

I’m all about “In The Night Garden” on Cbeebies, or “Piggle” as I run around shouting!  Grandma bought me my own little piggle which I love to cuddle at night.  Teletubbies is still a big hit.


Plans for the Weekend?

Swimming with Mummy on Saturday followed by a Picnic with some friends, and then Brunch and a walk on Sunday!


That sounds perfect, have a lovely time, and come back to see us soon!






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