Our best bits of 2019

Wow, what a year 2019 has been! There’s been new additions, new clients, and coverage galore in what has been a very busy year for us here at bump!


As 2019 draws to a close, we thought it might be nice to reflect on the past 365 days, and choose our highlights of the past 12 months, both work related, and away from the office!

Lisa : It has been another fab year! Watching the boys grow is always my favourite thing, but moving house was also a highlight and 2019 cannot be discussed without mentioning Florida, it was the absolute winning moment of the year!  We still talk about the holiday nearly every week and the savings pot has already begun for the next trip… sadly in a few years though as we now have a house to renovate!

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For me there is not one specific work thing really, it’s always great seeing the business continue to flourish and watching the team develop is always so lovely. I would say pulling off the 4th Big Breastfeeding café was fab, having worked with Medela for nearly 12 years makes it a true honour to manage a really successful PR event for them. It’s also been fun to start planning for bumps 10th birthday party – its mad to think we are about to enter the 10th year of the agency, but I have loved every minute… bring on the next decade!!!

Katie: After many years of saving, my boyfriend Jason and I finally bought our first house! It was a long process to finally get through the door but it was all worth it in the end. Our little cottage is over 100 years old and a huge renovation job, so starting work on that this year has been pretty epic!

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It’s also been another great year at bump too, working on The Big Breastfeeding Café was a real highlight. I always love the community aspects of the job, working with real mums across the UK and seeing how they engage with our ideas is always so lovely. And not forgetting – hitting the big 10k on Medela’s Instagram, that was super exciting too! ❤

Chloe : 2019 has been a very busy year for me! I came back to work in February after maternity leave and have really enjoyed being back at work. Luckily for me, I work from home Mon-Weds and come into the office on a Thursday, so I am almost always there for my son’s mornings and bedtimes – which I am so grateful for!

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I have loved getting stuck back into promoting our fabulous client’s products, getting them the attention they deserve. I have been working with some brilliant new clients this year including muro, Mini First Aid and 1twokids. There was also the fabulous annual trip to Kind und Jugend, the Mother & Baby Awards and our Christmas parties. All client 2020 PR Plans are now complete and it’s fair to say that next year is going to be very exciting indeed.

2019 has been a year of celebrations at home, marking my 30th and my son’s 1st birthday with big parties, which were so much fun. There was also my mum’s 60th where we all went to a beautiful villa in Spain and my 6th trip to Oktoberfest with my best friends. I think my favourite thing of the year though is seeing Billy’s character come to life, it’s amazing to see his development and he is hilarious!

Hetty : I blinked and 2019 was over! This year has gone way too fast but there have been many fun and memorable moments along the way, but my favourite has to be when I took part in a photoshoot for the MailOnline back in May. It was really fun to see how that side of the industry works… and also pretty exciting to see the photos go on such a large platform for such a well-known brand that I have used for years.

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I think part of the reason this year has flown by is due to working with such a great team here at BumpPR… time flies when you are having fun! My highlight of the year is the brilliant results I have managed to get for our lovely clients. Seeing the whole process through and achieving the coverage always feels pretty rewarding and gives me such a buzz! I have also worked with some lovely influencers this year who continue to go above and beyond to support us and our brands. Here’s to many more fun projects in 2020!

Megan : My best bits of 2019 have to be joining bump back in January, so crazy to think I have almost been here a year! I’ve had the best time so far at bump, I’m constantly learning and for that I am very grateful. I’ve been part of some fab projects this year, including the Big Breastfeeding Café and Babyopathy’s Routine in the Womb campaign – here’s to an even more exciting 2020!

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Aside from work, my 2019 highlight has to be my sister’s graduation in November which such a lovely day – I’m a very proud big sister! (Aside from the fact I missed the Mother & Baby awards to go to it – gutted!) I also had a fantastic trip to Amsterdam with my boyfriend – and also spotted one of our clients products while I was there!


We had office Christmas party last night which was such a wonderful celebration, including our Secret Santa exchange, a wonderful quiz courtesy of Katie, and a few too many glasses of wine!

Wishing all of our wonderful clients, influencers and press a wonderful Christmas time, and we can’t wait to come back in 2020 for the start of another fantastic decade for bump!


Team bump x

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